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Beginner music lessons for kids.

Your child is not too young for music!

Our music instructors are ready to help them develop their love for music now. 


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Step into the spotlight with Rising Rockstars, an ongoing musical adventure tailored for children aged 4-6, designed to ignite a passion for the vibrant beats of piano, guitar, and drums. This program serves as the perfect primer, setting the stage for our comprehensive lesson program by introducing young learners to the fundamentals of music in a playful and immersive environment.

Music Class

Program Details

Weekly session

Same day, same time

each week.

One Lesson Per Week

Students have band practice for 45 minutes once a week. 

Located In Our Studio

All sessions take place in our studio located in the Western Mall. 


How the music lessons work

We amp up the fun because that's what playing music is all about! Our music instructors cover basic music knowledge on drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals. The fun group format helps kids grow in their passion for music with modified instruments and a kid-friendly curriculum. Kids focus on a specific instrument each session, engage in fun rhythmic games, and learn how to rehearse with songs specifically written to teach them to play.

How often are the lessons?


Rising Rockstars is a weekly program. We meet on the same day and time each week, and each session lasts 45 minutes.

No rigorous practice schedules are required. All learning happens in a fun group setting designed to help kids explore the wonder of playing music.

Rising Rockstars not only cultivates a love for music but also prepares these budding musicians for the next step in their musical exploration, ensuring they're ready to shine in our full lesson lineup. Here, small hands make big leaps, embarking on a path that transforms them from mini musicians into true rock stars.



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