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Beginner music lessons for kids.

Your kid is not too young for music!

Our music instructors are ready to help them develop their love for music now. 


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Our Kids Rock program teaches children ages 4-7 to play an instrument in a real band. It helps kids fall in love with music by making playing an instrument fun, easy, and accessible. In the program, band members do all their learning in weekly band practice. As music instructors, our goal is to provide the next generation of rock stars with a solid musical foundation to build upon.

Music Class

Program Details

8 Week Sessions

Each Kids Rock session lasts 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, another session will begin.

One Lesson Per Week

Students have band practice for 45 minutes once a week. 

Located In Our Studio

All band practices take place in our studio located in the Western Mall. 


How the music lessons work

We amp up the fun because that's what playing music is all about! Our music instructors cover basic music knowledge on drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals. The fun rock band format helps kids grow in their passion for music with modified instruments and a kid-friendly curriculum. Kids rotate through each instrument, engage in fun rhythmic games, and learn how to rehearse with songs specifically written to teach them to play.

How often are the lessons?


Our Kids Rock program is structured into sessions. Each session lasts a total of 8 weeks with band practices held weekly in our studio located in the Western Mall. Each practice lasts 45 minutes.

No rigorous practice schedules are required. All learning happens in a fun group setting designed to help kids explore the wonder of playing music.


After 8 weeks, we celebrate the completion of the session in true rock n' roll fashion - with a live concert. Students in each of our bands get to perform the songs they've learned on an actual stage for their friends and family. 



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