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Summer camp for students at any level.

Get ready for an fun week of learning and instrument and playing in a band!





Let your kid rock out this summer at our Up Tempo Music Camp. Students ages 6-12 can learn piano, guitar, and drums, and play in a band alongside their fellow musicians.

With daily lessons, band practices, and workshops, your child will get a one-of-a-kind experience learning music.


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Music Class

Program Details


June 12 - June 16

June 26- June 30

July 10 - July 14

July 24 - July 28

July 31 - August 4

August 14 - August 18

Monday - Friday | 9:00-1:00 

Each day students have lessons, band practices, breakout sessions, and some fun activities.

Located In Our Studio

Camp takes place in our studio located in the Western Mall. 



Kids of all skill levels can learn to play guitar, piano, or drums with dedicated daily lessons from our instructors. Our program is designed to meet the needs of beginners and experienced musicians alike, helping them to develop new skills and a deeper love of music. They'll also have the opportunity to practice and perform with their bandmates, working on songs that are sure to impress.


Daily band practice is where the magic happens. Kids come together to play the songs they've been working on in their instrument lessons, collaborating and fine-tuning until they're sounding like rockstars.


Along the way, they'll develop essential skills in teamwork and active listening, all while having a blast making music with their new friends.



Campers will jump into daily breakout sessions covering a variety of topics every aspiring musician should know. They’ll have the opportunity to explore live sound, songwriting, recording, and more, learning valuable skills that they can apply to their musical journey. With expert guidance and hands-on practice, they'll expand their knowledge and discover new ways to bring their music to life.


About Up Tempo

At Up Tempo, we believe that learning music should be both enjoyable and beneficial, which is why we focus on making music fun for kids while teaching them valuable skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.


We specialize in using songs that kids know and love from day one, so they can start playing and feeling confident right away. Plus, our students get to choose the songs they want to learn, which makes the learning process even more engaging and exciting.


But that's not all - we're all about helping your kids take their skills to the next level. We'll teach them how to work together in a band, perform live, and get up on stage for real concerts with other kids. How cool is that?


We take pride in our experienced and passionate instructors who are dedicated to helping kids discover their love for music and providing them with a solid foundation of musical skills that they can build upon for years to come.


We know details are important, so we are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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