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Classical Music

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Maybe you’re looking through the Up Tempo website and thinking, “this looks like fun, but will my child get more value from learning classical music?” After all, rock and pop music seems like it has little substance. Can students really excel and be lifelong musicians from this approach?

We have asked ourselves the same questions because we want your child to thrive in music. The biggest reason we teach rock and pop music is that these styles create a connection between the student and the material because they recognize and enjoy it.

The National Arts Standards were created to be used in school to be positive music programs creating meaningful learning experiences for each student. Even though they designed the standards for school programs, Up Tempo uses a student-centered curriculum that follows the four benchmarks of these standards. Those four benchmark standards are: creating, performing, responding, and connecting.

Students are encouraged and trained in creating their music. Improvisation and composition skills will be used to perform and arrange songs learned in lessons.

Not only will students have the opportunity to perform on stage, but students will be performing music at each lesson, either individually and collaboratively. Actively making music is the key component to understanding music.

Because Up Tempo uses music of interest to students, it creates an effective way for students to respond to music. By reflecting on the meaning or intention of songs, students are connecting to social/emotional skills needed in every aspect of their lives.

Again, Up Tempo prioritizes a student's connection to music. The goal of Up Tempo is to create life-long musicians, and that can only happen with connection to the music. We do this by encouraging students to have their voice in lessons.


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