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Amazing Benefits of Music Lessons

Music Lesson

I grew up with music being a big part of my life. I took piano at a young age, sang in choir, and played in rock bands in high school. At the time, they just seemed like something I did for fun, but looking back at those experiences, I know they helped shaped the person I am today and played a role in the successes I’ve had. I’m not the only one either. There are so many benefits that music brings to a child’s life. Here are five of them.

Improved Reading Skills

Music is a language and playing is the way to communicate that language. Learning a song is essentially reading. If you take the music away, lyrics are poetry. Rather than looking at words, a musician looks at notes and interprets them through playing. The human brain is wired to respond to sound, and numerous studies have shown a strong connection to a positive impact on reading skills.

Communication and Teamwork

The National Association for Music Education says, “Students learn to convey ideas and emotions through musical performance; in doing so they develop a greater awareness of nuance, complexity, structure, emphasis, and theme, which can enhance verbal and written communication skills.” In addition to that, kids that play in bands together learn how to speak with one another as a team.


Performances are an essential part of music, and Music performance offers opportunities to fail. Students in music learn to take risks, face their fears, and learn from their mistakes. It offers the chance to prepare and work at something special, and the desire to share it with others.

Higher GPA

The National Educational Longitudinal Study stated, “High school music students have better grades than non-musicians in the same school.” Listening and comprehension are vital in music. When children learn those skills through music, they translate in to school work as well.

Critical Thinking

The National Association for Music Education also says, “Through the creative process, students strengthen their skills in synthesizing and evaluating information, and apply these skills to changing their assumptions and actions.” Music students learn to react quickly to changes, and those skills come to light in the classroom and in life.

Now, these are only five benefits, and there are many more. Check out to learn about more the impact of music education.

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