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Students in the Up Tempo Headliner program have the opportunity to perform in our annual concert. We group students together based on age and skill. For students just starting out, we provide a house band to play along with them at the concert, giving them the support and confidence to experience an authentic performance.  Our more experienced students can form bands and play all on their own. After bands form, they rehearse leading up to the big show. We guide students through how to play cohesively. At the concert, they rock out on a real stage with professional sound and lights. An authentic one-of-a-kind experience, the concert gives all our students the chance to be rock stars. Students see all their hard work come together and pay off when they perform. They also gain experience in working as a team, public speaking, and performing in front of a large crowd. It is truly an unforgettable moment for a parent seeing your child showcase their talents on stage.

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