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This is a great age to start music lessons! Up Tempo is ready to help them develop their love for music now. 


AGE 6-7

Our Kids Rock Program


Kids tour through the instruments together.

Your child may want to explore music and find out which instrument they like best.

Enter our Kids Rock Program!

This unique approach teaches young students how to play an instrument in a real band. It helps kids fall in love with music by making playing an instrument fun, easy, and accessible.


The coolest part is students take turns playing guitar, piano, and drums!


In Kids Rock, band members do all their learning in weekly band practice, so parents don't have to feel like they are badgering their child about practice habits!

Our Instrument Program


Kids learn one instrument:
Guitar | Piano | Drums

If your child shows interest in a particular instrument, they may be ready to jump into lessons covering guitar, piano, or drums.


Your child can learn an instrument; no prior experience is required! 

Our instructors will teach your child from the ground up and get them playing right away. They'll learn to craft their skills and gain independence through sight-reading their music. Every week, students spend an hour learning music while playing songs they know and love. 

Students get to put it all together and play with bands in our one-of-a-kind concerts!


Wondering which program is the best fit?

Give us a call or send us a message. We would love to chat about our programs, and help you choose the best fit for your child. 

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